9 Ways To Do A Kitchen Makeover


Each one of us gets tired after a while of looking at the same old interiors of a kitchen. This can be a result of too much clutter all around the kitchen or simply a lack of long pending renovation. This is the ideal time to give your kitchen a fresh new makeover.


Why Invest In A Kitchen Makeover?

 9 Ways To Do A Kitchen Makeover

Well, the kitchen can very well be called the heart of your home. It is the place where the meals are prepared and eaten. It is that place, which brings the family together in these busy times. A meal together keeps the family closely knit in a bond of love and during this time you can discuss all your lives. Eating in front of the television is harmful in more ways than one.
So by renovating your kitchen, you are installing a fresh inviting look in it where your family will look forward to everyday meals. You will like preparing and serving the meals as your family will love eating in it. It is highly essential to have a warm and inviting kitchen to lead an overall healthy life.

It might also be that you’re building a brand new home from scratch, or you’re interested in doing only a bit of remodelling, investing in a kitchen makeover can be a blessing in disguise for you.
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A kitchen has several significant aspects and even the corners you thought were unimportant can actually change the entire look of your kitchen if done up properly. So in this post, I tell how to go about to change or update the major parts like countertops, flooring, lighting and cabinets. I have also simultaneously included portions about the small touches you can implement. These include the personal corners and more. If implemented well, not all the points are required to give you kitchen the ideal makeover. Implementing some can add a huge impact too.
Read on for innovative new ways to give your kitchen a makeover.

Ways to do a kitchen makeover:

  1. The Cabinets:
    Well, these hold all your ingredients and the cutlery as well. They take up a major portion of your kitchen.
    However, you can sometimes find a couple of them remaining unused or overfilled. In case of the first, get rid of them to give the kitchen a fresher and airier look. For the latter, add a colourful shelf maybe? That will add a dash to colour to the monotonous walls and cabinets.
    If you can invest, invest in newer cabinets altogether. You can choose from the latest designs made or stick to the conventional wood. This can be helpful because due to overuse over a long time, the hinges often become rusty or sagging. Consider replacing the knobs, bolts and handles. Just keep in mind, that you make sure that the new hardware fits the sizes of the old holes and their locations.
    For an even more budget friendly and trendy idea, just change the cabinet doors! This will not need you to replace the entire cabinet but will give a new look to your kitchen. You can choose from different varieties of glass that include painted, tinted, patterned and textured. You can even change to metal doors like stainless steel or others. You can also discard some old cabinets and try open shelving. This will help the dishes and other appliances get more space and not feel cramped up. Let your dishes and cutlery breathe.
    You can even try painting them in colours of your choice if you have a quirky bend of the mind. Use a can of spray paint and paint all those boring cabinet doors in fresh new hues. Spray paint ensures that the paint is evenly spread without dollops and dripping.
  2. The Countertops:
    This is one area, where you might consider hiring a specialist. Countertops are the places where the maximum amount of work is done so having an efficient and clutter-free one is of utmost importance.
    While pale pastel hues go well with the boldness of stainless steel, you can now choose from a wide array of shades and colours to give your kitchen a new look. You can choose to keep it simple or you can make it sophisticated or glamorous. Quartz and granite are safe and good options as they are hardy, smooth and long lasting. Their ultra smooth texture and high durability will never make you complain about having made this choice. You can try adding ceramic tiles. Or if you do not want to remove the entire countertop, consider changing just a part of it. You can add a chopping block in one part and yet retain the old structure. If you still want to avoid all of that all together, you can just get the stone or marble countertops polished professionally. This will get back the shine and make it look as good as new.
    A great idea would be to try and mix and match the colours of the walls, countertops and flooring to get a taste of quirky and yet remain stylish. This can also help you get the true design you’ve always longed for your kitchen.
  3. Add simple personal touches.
    Very often we seem to forget or disregard the charm of simplicity and personalization. It’s time you brought those two back into your kitchen.
    For the first, dismiss the clutter and clean your kitchen up.
    For the windows, put up new drapes and curtains.
    Add a vase to the table or a small plant. This can do wonders to achieving a neat inviting kitchen look. Put some fresh colourful flowers in the vase daily and this will add beauty to your kitchen.  Whether its tulips, roses, sunflowers or even just foliage, they will surely add freshness and charm to your kitchen.
    You can also focus on just one particular area and maybe get new tiles. Nowadays you always have the option of choosing from a huge collection of designs and colours.
    Another great idea is to add photographs or artwork done by you or your kids. This an idea that adds a personalised touch like no other. Put up a picture of your kids or a family portrait. No matter how old your kids are, their artwork will always be masterpieces in your eyes. Put them up too. You can install a small soft board in a corner and pin pictures from trips and all on that as well. When you have guests over, be rest assured that this will become the conversation starter in most cases.
  4. The Lighting:
    The lighting adds a great deal to the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have the same old lighting for years and years, possibility is, that your folks have gotten bored of it. Ideal way is, to allow a lot of natural light in during the day. It adds to the freshness of the kitchen. However, do add nice warm lighting for the evenings , nights and the dinners. This will most importantly add to the ambience of your kitchen and make your folks look forwards to meals in the kitchen. Add accent lighting, as they look elegant and stylish. Pendants, hanging lampshades and other items of home decor can also instantly change the boring old look of your kitchen. Sometimes, even one statement light fixture over the dining table could add a huge impact. You can even add a dash of colour by opting for coloured lights. Ceiling lighting is a new trend that is doing the waves and can change the feel of your kitchen. Get rid of the old halogens and say hello to the new age LED lights. From plug in strip lighting to lights from under the cabinets, always make sure you have enough light in a kitchen. A dimly lit kitchen will not only hamper your cooking but will also make the kitchen look dull and shabby. Choose from the wide collection that is usually available and change the look of your kitchen for the better.
  5. Add an area to showcase collectibles:    9 Ways To Do A Kitchen Makeover
    It is a common feature to go on trips and get back memorabilia or get the same from friends who travel. It often becomes a hassle to find a place to keep or display all of it. The kitchen can be your saviour. From fridge magnets that happen to be a common souvenir to other things, you could store and display it in your kitchen. You can and keep all these small precious items there. They add a personalized touch to the kitchen. You can even add some hand carved wood pieces or anything that had caught your fancy. It can also be an antique watch or a photo frame you bought at a local fair. Moreover, these will sure be the starting point of many conversations when you invite guests over.
  6. The Appliances:    9 Ways To Do A Kitchen Makeover
    Ideally, replacing the entire set of appliances can be a very expensive affair. So you can choose a few other cheaper alternatives. Like if an old appliance which has lost its lustre, you can choose to get it painted by appliance refinisher. Replacements for the knobs or stove parts or class cook tops that have become worn out can be added to the kitchen. Since the appliances form a key part of the kitchen, you should always try keeping them in a good condition.
  7. The Floor:
    You can refinish an old floor by staining it in a different colour. You can choose from other innovative options on the floor if you floor is smooth and flat. Like, you can add cork, vinyl tiles or sheet flooring on the existing floor with a coat of primer and this will completely change the look of your kitchen.
  8. Contrast:
    Although I keep mentioning this, this needed a separate point for itself. Contrast can play a huge role in changing the design and look of your kitchen. Whether you decide to go for black countertops and cabinets coupled with white walls or you like colour contrast more, contrasting always gives a fresher appeal to the kitchen. Play with the colour of the walls and the tables. You can also add a different flooring to add a touch of wood.
  9. Play with the touch of wood:
    Although it has been used for generations and generations before that, wood can never go out of fashion. A little bit of wood adds a earthy feel to the kitchen. You can also experiment with wood. Try adding wooden stools in certain corners. Or add wooden shelves to keep cutlery or memorabilia as you please. But if you lack wood in your kitchen altogether, you can consider implementing some.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you find it of some use while redecorating your kitchen. If used wisely, you can do a lot of the above at a pretty low cost. I have mentioned the need of a kitchen makeover before and I pray you take it seriously and work on it. Although it might seem like an expensive and tedious affair at first, if you take adequate time out and do one part at a time, it will certainly be a hassle free experience. Do not try to do it all at once as then you might have to stop using your kitchen for a significant amount of time and that is not desirable. Focus on one aspect at a time and spend only the minimum required for that bit. Also, study and research carefully without taking rash decisions and separate out the two lists of “what I need” and “what I want”. This, I assure you, will help significantly reduce costs. I have tried and listed as many points with details as possible to make the wok easy for you.

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