6 Innovative Backsplash Ideas That’ll Change How Your Kitchen Looks.

Once upon a time, backsplash referred to a modest tiled area, located behind the stove and sink area, to protect the kitchen walls from splashes, stains, splatters and spills. Its purpose was purely functional and not much innovation or thought went into adding a backsplash to a kitchen.
However, the situation is significantly different now. With the advent of the modern stylish kitchens, backsplash has come to the forefront as one of the most important aspects of one’s kitchen. Backsplash ideas have been brainstormed over and they are now available in the market in a wide array of forms and kinds. From steel to stone, to granite and glass, the backsplash is one area that has received considerable attention and thought. It is no longer just for one particular utility but is also an essential factor that redefines how your kitchen looks as a whole.

Eye-catching and innovative designs in backsplashes now form the main focus of a modern kitchen. Whether you are thinking of a kitchen makeover or planning to design the kitchen of your new home, make sure you know well about the use and kinds of backsplashes available today.

This post aims at telling you more about innovative backsplash ideas.


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1.Backsplash in colours that are in contrast with the colours of the kitchen.


6 Innovative Backsplash Ideas That’ll Change How Your Kitchen Looks.

You might have explored the exciting world of contrast when it comes to fashion. The same is quite applicable to kitchens as well. Contrasting colours draws attention to one area of the kitchen and brings out the colours of the cabinets or walls. If you have cabinets made of wood or cabinets in monochromatic colours, contrast the backsplash and add a fun shade. This will change the look and feel of the kitchen.

2. Printed or hand painted tiles.


These look gorgeous and can change the way your kitchen originally looked entirely. These make sure that the focal point of your kitchen is the backsplash. Printed tiles and hand painted tiles come in a variety of kinds and types. From graphic designs to minimalistic modest ones, you can choose from a wide array of them. The only problem is, make sure you don’t go overboard with the design as that will make the kitchen look cramped and small. If you implement printed or hand painted tiles, also remember that even a little bit of clutter on the countertop may make the kitchen look unkempt or messy. So choose carefully and maintain a clean clutter free kitchen. Keeping a clean and tidy kitchen isn’t recommended just for the aesthetic point of view but also because that ensures hygiene and makes sure you feel like working in the kitchen too.

3. Marble backsplash.


6 Innovative Backsplash Ideas That’ll Change How Your Kitchen Looks.

Marble has an eternal charm and elegance. It can make any lifeless aspect of your kitchen look sophisticated and luxurious. Marble backsplashes are best paired with simple monochromatic walls. You can also play the contrasting card here and add an elegant marble backsplash in the midst of dark coloured cabinets. Marble also adds a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen without being too loud. However, marble is by nature porous and thus, might need sealing and then might need to be periodically resealed. Marble also has a tendency to get scratched easily so you have to be careful while working. Most marble backsplashes available today also come with coloured streaks and different patterns that can conceal the stains or scratches. Maintenance is a key factor that you should keep in mind while installing a marble backsplash.

4. Stainless steel backsplash.

Stainless steel adds a very stylish and corporate feel to the kitchen. It also makes the kitchen look less cluttered or messy. The material is also very easy to implement as a backsplash and can be easily installed with the help of screws or glue. But make sure you know how to clean it properly because otherwise it may end up having too many visible fingerprints or stains. Easy on maintenance, stainless steel sometimes even looks better with a few scratches here and there over time.

5. Granite backsplash.


6 Innovative Backsplash Ideas That’ll Change How Your Kitchen Looks.

Granite still remains an eternal favourite when it comes to backsplashes. Being available in a shiny polished look as well as in the matte finish look, granite can be implemented in almost all kitchens to suit the style. Whether its traditional kitchens or contemporary kitchens, you will surely find at least one type of granite that’ll go well with the look and feel of your kitchen. They are very easy to clean and maintain. They are also available in different colours and are long lasting and durable. The only problem is, that granite is a porous material and might need sealing and resealing.

6. Laminate backsplash.

This is the saviour for those who cannot invest in costly natural stone backsplashes. Available in a large variety of finishes and designs it can give your kitchen the look you were craving for without leaving a huge hole in your pocket. It is available in natural stone or wood finishes and should be able to satisfy all your needs. Although it does not have the same texture and luxurious feel that natural stone offers, it does come close when it comes to looks. It is easy on maintenance and cleaning. It also is long lasting and durable. It is recommended that you match the laminate with the other finishes and textures in your kitchen rather than making it the primary focal point. The primary advantage of laminates is how affordable it is.

This post aimed at giving you a brief idea about backsplashes and the various materials you can choose from for the backsplash in your kitchen. Several other innovative styles and forms of backsplash are available now too. From mosaic designs to fabric framed in glass, to mirrored glass and more, backsplashes have been redefined to suit the ever changing trends of the modern kitchen. Whether you prefer the rustic and conventional or you choose to opt for the modern and contemporary, you should do your research well to have a clear idea about what kind of backsplash you want to add to your kitchen.

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