5 Important Features of A Kitchen Worth Investing In

With the advent of technology and our fast paced life, the importance of having a meal together has been a matter of debate for quite some time now. It is a common trend among teenagers nowadays, to have their meals sitting in front of the television or their laptops and tablets. Indeed, this is as unhealthy as it can possibly get. Simply because, quality family time is reduced considerably. It takes a toll in turn, on the relationship and bonds one shares with other family members.
Under these circumstances, this post intends to make you realise the importance of a well maintained kitchen in our lives. It influences our lifestyle to a great extent and thus, is often called the “King” of the house.
Also, well, this is where the food is made. If the interiors and look of the kitchen doesn’t match up to the delicious meals, it isn’t too fair, is it?
Let your family embrace the aroma and smell of a freshly prepared meal, a cake baking in the oven or cut fruits.
Have quality discussions about everything under the sun with your favourite people.
Plan your meals in advance, and make sure everyone looks forward to them.
Kitchens should ideally be areas filled with life, texture, aroma and great food.
In short, make them love the kitchen and it might actually go on to solve numerous problems in turn. If you make some changes here, click on “Save Draft” on right. Not publish.

Investing in a Kitchen:

The kitchen is where the “spark” happens. It’s where the food is cooked. So if the interiors are not done up properly, would you even enjoy making the meal?
Invest in the layout of the kitchen. Instead of spending a lot on the appliances only, focus on redesigning the work area and get the drainage correctly done. It’s a shame if you spend a lot on the goods, but the water flow is bad. Make sure you’re comfortable in your working area. Note that you clear the floor and de-clutter it of anything that might be there, so that you need not worry about tripping over while concentrating on making a meal.

5 Important Features of A Kitchen Worth Investing In

Now, I’d like to go on to explain where all you should focus while designing your kitchen.

  • Effective and comfortable space– You see, the space available should be carefully worked out to make the kitchen experience memorable. There needs to be the proper square footage allocated for these basic areas – storage, preparation, cooking, serving, dishwashing, and dining. Again, the space should be utilised well and not wasted. The areas of storage, preparation and cooking must be close to one another, for your benefit. Nobody likes running around too much to get the spices and ingredients together.
    It is also important that importance is given to the space available for eating. Make sure the dining area is warm and comfortable. Make sure you also have space around the table for people to stand and chat and for you to serve efficiently.


  • Proper drainage and flow: It is a common custom to dispose oils and certain wastes through the kitchen sink. It is perhaps normal, because that is the most easily available option. By the time the kitchen sink is clogged and stops absorbing water, the pipe is already full of wastes and this is very hard to remove. Make sure you thus have a proper drainage system and you take proper care of it. Make sure the bin is kept near the working area so that you can dispose wastes easily without having to resort to the sink. Regular cleaning and maintenance is also a must.  5 Important Features of A Kitchen Worth Investing In


  • Energy savings: In the age of rising global warming and a continuous shortage in the world of energy supply, this is a very important factor. Specifying while buying, the importance of installing energy efficient appliances, it is equally important that you utilise that to the fullest point. Green initiatives are a must for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


  • Proper and efficient ventilation: Kitchen ventilation is a must for working in a comfortable environment. Cooking invariable always creates fumes, vapours and large amounts of heat. In these circumstances, it is important that you pay sufficient attention to the ventilation of the kitchen. Invest in installing appliances like canopy hoods over the cooking are and exhaust fans. Make sure you maintain these too. Dirt and grease accumulate in these over periods of time and often pose a serious fire threat.


  • Appliances, lighting and decoration: You see, if you have all the above features, and yet the kitchen does not boast of an inviting, warm comfortable look, the effort goes in vain. Since the new kitchen is a lot more than just a kitchen, it is important that you make it look great too. The kitchen in today’s age has grown to be a new living area where people spend a lot of time together. So it should have interiors that make people want to leave their gadgets behind and enjoy a happy meal together. Comfortable seating around a table is important. So is the lighting and decor. From wooden panels to colourful sinks, every little thing makes an impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen.  In todays world, you can choose from a host of different styles, like the good old antiques or the new metallic or textures that accentuate your kitchen.
    Lighting plays a huge role too. Whether its soft mood romantic  lighting coming out from under wall units or lights illuminating a glass display unit, effective lighting is especially important in darker rooms. It also  works exceptionally well with gloss reflective surfaces.
    Invest next in the appliances too. A well functioning microwave, fridge, cooking bowls and other essentials are necessary to complete the kitchen.The ever evolving kitchen:


This post aimed at making clear to you, how the kitchen can influence your lifestyle and change a lot of factors in your family. It needs to be said here, that the styles and decor of the kitchen are ever evolving. With the technology getting advanced every day, dishwashers to ovens, everything is changing. Kitchens are also becoming more and more environment friendly. Why don’t you drop us a mail or give us call so that we can have a discussion on what will suit you best and then help you get your best kitchen setup.

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