All About An Outdoor Kitchen!

With innovation and technology being key aspects of this generation, the kitchen no longer is just another space in your home. The kitchen can very well be called the heart of your home. It is the place where the meals are prepared and eaten. It is that place, which brings the family together in these busy times. A meal together keeps the family closely knit in a bond of love and during this time you can discuss all your lives.

In the light of this, designers and innovators have started thinking out of the box, to make your daily eating experience a happy and enjoyable one.

It’s in this context, that the idea of an outdoor kitchen has become so popular.

outdoor kitchen

All About An Outdoor Kitchen!

To be able to have your meals in the midst of nature in the company of your loved ones is a cherished desire. You need not wait for exotic holidays for having meals in the midst the rustling of leaves and scent of flowers.
And if you happen to be fond of grills and outdoor barbecues, this is probably going to excite you more than most others!  If done up well with lots of countertop space and comfortable seating, we assure you, your guests will not have a choice but to be impressed!

The best thing about this, that an unused backyard too, can be transformed into an outdoor kitchen easily. With the availability of prefabricated modular kitchen sets, this task becomes easier by the day. They don’t even happen o be extremely costly options.  Prefabricated options cut down your time and effort significantly too. With compact refrigerators and spacious countertops, these sure are a steal. With a prefab kit, you can significantly cut down on time as they can be installed very easily and very fast. However, if you like all your stuff customized to suit your style and accentuate it, this might not be the best option for you.

But, the idea isn’t as easy to execute as it sounds like. It can be quite a hassle. Make sure you start working on this idea only when you have carefully taken into account the weather and climate of your hometown. If there is too much rain, the wind or other weather phenomenon, adequate measures need to be taken.
Finding the right materials to make the ideal outdoor kitchen might seem like a difficult task. Grills and other appliances can ideally be made of stainless steel, or outdoor kitchen countertops can be made of stone or concrete for best results.

The key factors to take into account are to ensure that the appliances and features are weather-proof and termite-proof and preferably non-combustible if they happen to be close to sources of heat. Quality and durability are the next factors as you need to ensure that they sustain through all kinds of weather phenomenon that they may be subjected to. Stainless steel, marine-grade polymer, and teak are the best materials that can withstand most weather conditions.

Kitchen cabinets are a vital factor you should look into carefully while planning your outdoor kitchen.

They are essential and can add value to unused space in your backyard or garden. Nowadays they are available in a variety of styles and shapes. You can even choose to customize your cabinet, although this might be a costlier option.

While constraint of space is a constant complaint with regard to indoor kitchens, make sure you do not face this problem outdoors. With more space free to use at your disposable, utilize space well and enjoy making the meals as well as eating them.

Stainless steel, reclaimed lumber, stamped tin, teak, bamboo, cypress and even waterproof polymer materials seem to be good options while choosing the material for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. Space, convenience, budget and weather friendly conditions are factors you should take into account before delving into the realms of the style of these cabinets.

Stainless steel is a clear winner in the case of outdoor kitchens. It firstly happens to be highly durable and very easy to maintain. The stains and fingerprints might even accentuate its style over the years. Apart from the sleek, classic, professional kitchen look they are the easiest to clean.

Polymer materials are the next in line. They have become quite popular now due to their weatherproof and UV resistant varieties.

Up next, we take up lighting of an outdoor kitchen.

As is true with most spaces, light can totally make or break. It can significantly change your outdoor kitchen for the better or destroy it entirely. So make sure you pay great attention to this aspect. The right lighting not only ensures your ease while cooking but also makes sure it is an enjoyable experience for those who are eating. Make sure your space is well lit so that you don’t have to go indoors to check whether a grill is done to perfection or not. Above the grill or the countertop are the first spaces that must be lit well.  Par-20 halogen bulbs as task lighting over the countertops will ensure your working space is well lit. They are also durable and thus make the ideal outdoor lighting. Also make sure your fixtures are suited to the weather conditions in your area as that will ensure that your lights remain functional in hot, humid and damp conditions. If there is scope for installing a fan, do one with lighting, as it keeps mosquitoes away and are great for ambient lighting. Pendant lighting over the seating areas or the bar top can be installed for the best visual experience.

The outdoor kitchen can change the entire idea of your home and will sure be a point of attraction while entertaining guests. Imagine candle-lit dinners with a special one under the night sky on a regular basis. Or a daily grill session whenever your kids demand it. Outdoor kitchens can help bring about a lot of smiles. So set back, install an outdoor kitchen and enjoy the ultimate culinary experience.

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