Top 8 Trends For Kitchens In 2015

A lot of you out there are probably looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look. If you are, this post will help you out significantly!
The kitchen area plays a huge and dominant role in your life and can change and later your relationship with various other family members. In our faced paced and busy lives, spending quality time with the family and having meal together goes a long way in binding the family together. In this way, the kitchen becomes the “heart of the home”. It is where experiences are shared and old memories relived.
But it is also essential that your kitchen is comfortable and inviting for the above process to take place. So redecorate your kitchen and make it a place everyone will love. Here are the top trends for kitchens for the year 2015!

Rustic shades:

Rustic kitchens are characterised by timber, stone, brick, vintage appliances and fireplaces. These kitchens emphasize on giving a warm and friendly vibe to the kitchen. Normally, torn and distress would be the words that come to your mind on hearing “rustic”, but today, this trend is making it quite big. Wood finishes and homely yellow lighting are key features of this look. Redecorate your kitchen and add this feel to make it more inviting!

All black kitchens:

This streamline kitchen design features integrated appliances and a large island with electric cook top underneath a stainless steel hood.

This streamline kitchen design features integrated appliances and a large island with electric cooktop underneath a stainless steel hood.

The classy air and feel of an all black kitchen is trending this year. Although black makes a strong statement, used in the right amounts, it will retain the homely feel to the kitchen too. Choose a matte paint palette and tiles in natural textures. Use granite slabs and other natural stones to maintain the look.

Metallic or gray cabinets:

Gray isn’t the newest colour on the block, and in the past few years, gray has already been shaping up as a go-to colour, and it is still a relatively safe choice as 2015 progresses. The soft tints of gray generally accentuate all kitchen trends. It remains neutral and classy at the same time. It blends in well with all wall shades and patterns and adds to the style quotient of the kitchen. For those of you who want something newer and trendier, add a metallic sheen to the gray. Shine and glamour gives the kitchen an edgy look. This is also a saving in disguise for those who cannot afford to do an entire kitchen remodelling, but a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets or a polish can do wonders. This will change the overall look and make the kitchen look trendier and better.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets:

Notice the beauty of natural wood! The stained mahogany continues from the kitchen's cabinetry to the table top in the dining space.

Notice the beauty of natural wood! The stained mahogany continues from the kitchen’s cabinetry to the table top in the dining space.

Oak is slowly but steadily becoming a clear-cut winner lately, as oak kitchen cabinets have seen a dramatic upward surge in demand. Wood has been an eternal favourite and is expected to continue being so. Wood adds a rustic old world feel to the kitchen is durable and long lasting. This time around, focus is on blonde wood tones, for example white oak, as opposed to the red oak that was trendy in the past few decades. Nowadays, with growing new trends, designers are seen to incorporating pale woods and warm honey-toned woods into their kitchen cabinet designs.  Maple and cherry kitchen cabinets are also seen to be doing the rounds. Cherry wood is currently seen to be blending in well with those kitchens which have metallic and bronze parts in it. Combinations or complementing woods is also the new in thing, as designers are constantly thinking out of the box for newer designs.

Open Plan Kitchens:   Top 8 Trends For Kitchens In 2015

Open space and airy kitchens go a long way in ensuring comfort levels of your kitchen. Reduce the number of cabinets and unnecessary bulk and give way to more open space in the kitchen. Larger windows and an airy workspace will ensure you feel good while making the food and your family members enjoy the meal in comfort. Once you get rid of the cabinets that are not required, focus will shift to the table tops or the counter tops. Choose from a wide variety of slab, natural stone counter tops in granite, marble, or limestone. Maintaining a open plan kitchen will also ensure you lead a healthier lifestyle and will help reduce smoke that is generated while cooking.

Metallic Sheen:

Although you love the warm tones and softer textures, metallic sheen and shine is expected to make a comeback in 2015. Gold, copper and bronze is likely to be big this year. Metallics not only add texture and make a bold statement in your kitchen, but they also go with any colour palette. Bring in metallics with your sink fixtures, light fixtures, and accents. While too much of metal might give an unpleasant touch to the kitchen, used in the right amounts, will only make the kitchen classier. Right designs on the tiles, blended well with the metallic sheen and make your kitchen look modern and world class.  Concentrate on the counter tops and edges and channel the metallics in the right direction.

The Transitional Kitchen:

This Transitional kitchen features a mantle-style hood above a drop-in gas range, an island with a granite countertop and furniture style legs.

This Transitional kitchen features a mantle-style hood above a drop-in gas range, an island with a granite countertop and furniture style legs.

A transitional kitchen follows the norm of mix and match. Transitional kitchens blend in the warm and welcoming feel of the traditional kitchens with contemporary designs and trends. Transitional kitchens boast of balance and harmony of these two. Since these offer a lot of flexibility, they are expected to meet the tastes of a lot of people. Warm wood mixed with stainless or classic design with modern colours are likely to dominate the look. Retain bits of the wood panel for the warmth but add dashes of metallic sheen and colours in the sink and table tops to make it edgy and modern. Mostly, any tiles can be used in this look as all blend in well. Stick to marble if you do not want to experiment much.

Wallpapered Walls:

Visual power of your kitchen is best accentuated by wallpapers. With a wide collection to choose from, use it on any accent wall to complement the colour palette of your kitchen. Wallpapers are new and quick solutions for those looking for a quick makeover for their kitchens. Best bit about wallpapers is that they can be changed as per convenience with ease and comfort.


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