Understanding The Basics Of Kitchen Lighting

As we have stated earlier, the kitchen can very well be called the heart of your home. It is the place where the meals are prepared and eaten. It is that place, which brings the family together in these busy times. A meal together keeps the family closely knit in a bond of love and during this time you can discuss all your lives. It thus forms an integral part of your life.

Hence, it’s vital that this place remains well lit and comfortable. It is essential for the place to feel warm and welcoming. It is for this reason that kitchen lighting is of utmost importance.

It is important that the kitchen is well lit for various reasons. It is required so that all the chopping and cutting happens with ease and comfort. It needs to be brightly lit and shadow free for this purpose. It is necessary for the place to feel warm and welcoming. It is also a factor that greatly redefines the style aspect of your kitchen. Rustic and conventional kitchens have their own types of lighting while modern contemporary kitchens nowadays have innovative new kinds of lighting. The style factor too plays a huge role. Whether its kitchen island lighting or hanging pendants, you shall be spoilt for choice nowadays.

 What kind of kitchen lighting works best?


Understanding The Basics Of Kitchen Lighting

Since the kitchen has social as well as work aspects to it, it is best to consider both ambient and task lightings for the kitchen. Task lighting ideally refers to spot on, bright lighting focussed over an island or countertop. It is important to have your work area well lit and shadow free for not only efficiency but also safety purposes. Chopping and mixing ingredients are delicate tasks that require precision and attention and thus, good lighting. Ambient lighting is for the dining area and adds more to the look and feel of your kitchen. Slightly dimmer and inviting is what this ideally should be. A perfect blend of the two is what you should seek to achieve.

Understand your kitchen well before installing the lights. Understand the textures and geometry of the kitchen. Install lights that will accentuate these textures whether its natural stone or wood or other materials. Play with patterns and the geometry of the room to achieve the best results.

Ambient kitchen lighting:


Understanding The Basics Of Kitchen Lighting

There are various kinds available to suit your taste. From neat minimalist lighting to decorative chandeliers, there is something for every bend of mind. Ambient lighting can also be achieved perfectly if natural light is used well. Also, make sure you are clear whether you want warm or cool ambient lighting, that is, more yellow or bluer. Dimmers are always a good idea while installing ambient lighting. That way, you can control the amount of light as and how it is needed. While bouncing off light or reflecting it are good ideas, make sure they don’t hamper the comfort levels. Especially, with age, people become more sensitive to light. Those who have a migraine issue and other problems can be affected more if the kitchen lighting isn’t right. So dimmers can be of great help in such situations.
Although your first reaction will probably be negative when you hear “fluorescent lighting”, please do take a look at the available options before discarding the idea entirely. They have evolved considerable and can offer the most affordable yet unique lighting to your kitchen. They also consume lesser energy than other available options for kitchen lighting.

Recessed lighting is often quite the problem solver. These are essential can or pot lights that create a pool of light on the floor. The area of the light depends on the height of the ceiling from the floor and the beam of the light. They go well for almost every kitchen and offers a good solution if you are facing troubles choosing the best ambient kitchen lighting.

LED lighting can be used for kitchen lighting. They are available also in different colours if you happen to be someone with a quirky bend of the mind. Although initial costs might be a little high, they are very long lasting.


Task kitchen lighting:

Again, plenty of options are available. The best ones are the light fixtures under the cabinets that ensure bright lighting right over the countertop where most of your working happens. Choose from a variety of bright lights and bulbs like halogens or xenons to achieve what you desire.  In bigger kitchens, the islands that have the lights in the middle also cover for task lighting. But do make sure that if it is an island, it does not become too glaring. Using just one light for the entire kitchen can be a bad idea at times. Pendants can also be used for task lighting. The main factors of task lighting depend entirely on your working area. You can even choose to light that you switch on only while working and keep switched off while eating and enjoying a meal.


Understanding The Basics Of Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is one of the most major aspects that define how your kitchen looks in entirety. Understand and research about all the available options before making the final call. The colours used in the walls and cabinets also play a huge role. White light amplifies light and so on and so forth. Make sure you understand these aspects well before choosing. Fluctuating heat levels, smoke, ingredients used and other aspects also affect the light fixtures. Choose kitchen lighting that lowers energy consumption and is durable. Another important factor you must keep in mind is which side your kitchen faces as that determines the amount of natural light that enters your kitchen. Windows on the southern side of the room usually harness the maximum amount of natural light.

Kitchen lighting essentially is also a very technical phenomenon and you can also perhaps achieve the best if you consult a lighting, expert.

The kitchen is a very important part of your house and thus, do make sure you understand kitchen lighting well before investing in it.

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